Familiar with Dyslexia

No parent who is not proud of his son if always be the best. On the other hand, there is no teacher who is not proud of all the students have the ability to read well. However, parents and teachers had the same problem, not all children have the same abilities. Not all students have the same intelligence. Not to mention if the child has Dyslexia.

In the world of science known term Dyslexia. Dyslexia comes from the Greek, namely dyslexia. Dys is defined as difficulty, lexis meaning word. According to Chief Executive of Dyslexia Association of Indonesian daily, dr. Kristiantini Goddess, Sp A, and dyslexia is a neurobiological disorder characterized by difficulty in spelling words correctly. Meanwhile, according to Chritchley (1970), dyslexia is a difficulty learning to read, write and spell . Find more information on Tee Junction from www.teejunction.com.au

Causes of Dyslexia

Children with more dileksia due to hereditary factors (based on the history of his parents), impaired hearing factors, so the brain is not able to respond well to all commands in the hearing or due to both factors

Symptoms of Dyslexia

Symptoms that occur in general and the easiest to know is:

(1) The difficulty or slowness children to remember or recognize letters.

(2) Difficulty children to distinguish words that sound similar, “dig” or “salary” and the like.

(3) difficulty / slowness to spell double consonant letters, ng, ny, tr, sr, pr etc..

(4) Always repeat / always spell when reading, for example: bu bu bu mind,

(5) Difficulty in setting the sentence.

(6) others prefer to call my friend, the teacher, the old man, because of the difficulty to remember things comprehensively.

(7) the writing is usually irregular, small to large, up and down, back and forth structure, etc. (8) ruled directly rather than on carrying out the written order.

Handling Dyslexia

With this condition, we as parents and educators should be able to provide different handlers with other students. As can be given by parents and teachers is one of them:

(1) give special attention and encouraging children. Do not let children be inferior to a friend or father / mother teacher.

(2) Give the repetition to train the child’s memory.

(3) Give a clear command and not too long.

(4) Do not be too hard on the material that we provide.

(5) Start of introduction letters that are considered firm and easily by children.

(6) Do not teach the readings that have a similar sound, B and D, C and Z and so on.

(7) Come up and repeat their abilities.

(8) Pendamlah in the child’s weaknesses.

(9) Give a longer time allocation at the time of the exam.

We as parents and teachers should not be discouraged for the dyslexic disorder. Even some world leaders the caliber of Albert Einstein, Magic Johnson, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Ton Cruise, JFK had experienced brain disorders.

However, we as educators must be able to detect the deficiencies learners. We must always be aware of the shortcomings children as our inability to teach, not because of the low ability students. Like a sheet of white paper, each child has the ability and space to insert the same volume and the same time.

Educating Children With love and affection

School and education is not a man-made tool to pursue and achieve the intelligence of children. But how to pay attention and develop all its potential by each learner to the fullest. Because that’s the taste factor, emotional and physical skills necessary to get the same opportunity to thrive.

National education father, long ago has spawned the idea of ​​creativity, taste, and intention. This is consistent with the understanding of cognitive, affective, psychomotor. The basic concept of education that will accommodate children’s potential. Cognitive aspect or aspects of copyright is intellectual ability of students to think, learn and solve problems or related to the brain and intelligence.

Aspects relating to the sense or emotions and feelings, as well as the intention or desire and more physical skills. In this aspect, there are 6 main parts: knowledge, understanding the meaning of the material, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the values ​​of the material with a specific purpose.

Cognitive aspect is dominated by the grooves theoretical and abstract. Knowledge will become the standard common to see a person’s cognitive abilities in the teaching process.

Affective aspects of taste or a part of the attitudes, interests, emotions, and values ​​of children. According Krathwol flavor aspect subdivided into acceptance, giving a response or participation, assessment or determination of attitude, organization, and characterization of the formation of the pattern of life.

Aspects that affect the taste will give clarity to the process of understanding the affective taxonomy, the process is the result of a trip affective cognitive advance like never disclosed that:

“All the attitudes rooted in cognitive organization and pengatahuan information that we have. Attitude is always directed at the object, group or our relationship with them definitely yanag based on the information we have about their properties. ”

Affective in the field of psychology would provide its own role to be able to save internalize a value obtained through cognitive and affective organizational capability itself. So in the world of the existence of affective psychology of teaching is very urgent to be a pattern of better teaching course.

Intention or psychomotor aspect is the ability of a child regarding physical activity and muscle. In this classification is divided into 5 categories, namely, imitation, manipulation, permanence, articulation, and pengalamiahan.

According to the study of behavior is an activity of at least issuing physical and psychic energy. Movement is done routinely. Pengalamiahan is the highest level of proficiency in the psychomotor domain.

From the above it can be seen that in the psychomotor domain taxonomies are more orienting instructional teaching on the process or the execution behavior, in which the function is to pass the value contained by cognitive and affective internalized through so organized and applied in real form by the psychomotor domain .

In the context of evaluation of learning outcomes, the three domains or domains that should be targeted in any child’s learning outcome evaluation activities.

Choosing the Best Caregiver For The Baby

The need to have a nanny / babysitter is a major requirement today. evidenced by the many young couples who both have jobs. Of course they need a babysitter to care for the child.

But of course the worry of the situation your child at home often appear. Most orangtuadalam day will often call to ask about your child as less confident in the ability of the caregiver.

Yes, get a babysitter is not as easy as looking for a housekeeper, because the duties and responsibilities of the two vastly different. More helpers handled the affairs of the household and related items such as cleaning the house, clothing, cutlery / cooking / drinking, and others. While the caregiver is a person who handled animate very valuable, our baby.

That is why, in seeking caregivers, we also expect the nanny reliable trustworthy alias, as well as healthy, a figure that could make parents uncomfortable, when they left the door of the house to work.

So, how to choose a suitable nanny and true?

The first step we have to do is find out about the background of caregivers complete with a family tree so that we can know more caregivers. In addition, you may know the members of his family if one day there is a problem which is not desirable. Make sure also, caregivers come from a good family and no element of criminal records.

Before hiring a nanny, carefully used his ability in parenting, like when she was caring for the child. If you want a bit of extreme action, without her know you are there to see, try to learn how she interacts with your child. Did she really skilled and loving caregivers of children?

All that you can learn from the behavior of his personality, behavior, temperament, and others. That way, you can assess the extent of the character you’re looking for caregivers.

The latter is consider whether he was a patient, whether your child is at home with her (but do not get too much at home with your child so that you and your child become tenuous relationship.), Did he notice the cleanliness of the child, as well as the caregiver to know, understand, and attention every child needs and provide the best for her needs.

Implementing the Right To Children Parenting

Every child certainly has the talent to be a smart and creative. Just how the application of parenting by their parents. Because it is the most substantial impact on family support to encourage children to be interested in observing and questioning about various objects and events around us. That’s why parents need to understand how to develop themselves in children.

Here are the most basic things about the development of children who have parents know the child so that in the future a more intelligent and creative.


How parents socialize with the environment is a major role model for the child. He will mimic how the attitude of the parents speak and interact.


Children need to know that his parents love him and emphasize each person has a sense of shame. It is important that he have the same attitude towards friends or relatives.

Intellectual Coaching Kids

Here we should train children so that they dared to ask questions about what they do not understand. We too must be willing to listen and respond according to their intellectual development. Let them dare to express an opinion, according to which if not followed by a discussion that is not patronizing.

teach Moral

Good values ​​should we plant early, because moral values ​​can not be developed like physical development. Kids always take the example of the people around him. It is important for parents to self introspection and improve moral values ​​before kids imitate.

Physical growth

Basic needs is a combination of diet, physical protection, exercise and rest. For physical growth is good, it takes a healthy living environment in addition to their basic needs.

importance of Cleaning

Clean skin is a major requirement to make the skin look smoother, younger and healthier.

If you do not clean the skin properly, you will not be able to have the beautiful skin you crave.

You need to clean your skin every morning and evening.

Cleaning up in the morning is useful to get rid of the oil on the surface and clean the dead skin while we sleep.

But remember, too much cleaning also is not good and can cause more problems than solve them.

At night time we need a more thorough cleaning.

You need to clean the face of all the dirt that has been patch on your face during your move, as well as cleaning the face of all the make up that you use before you sleep.

when you sleep, your skin will improve yourself. if there is anything that inhibits the skin’s way of working, there will be a skin problem.